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Sunday, April 17, 2005

A new Season, a "new" kayak

Weather : beautiful = sunny with occasional clouds
Wind : South (15 km/h), southwest (20 km/h), West (28 km/h)
Temperature : 18 - 22 °C

Location : Parc national des îles-de-Boucherville, Québec, Canada

Small swallows, Herons, Geese, Small woodpecker, Frog, spiders, insects

Water level extremely high, sparse vegetation the marsh is dry and old. With the water levels so high, a new path towards the River from the marshlands. If it doesn't rain soon, route will become dried land once again. Never saw this path before because of the vegetation. We landed and proceeded to investigate this unknown territory. As I stepped out of the kayak my rubber boots sunk into the muddy earth hidden by the thick blanket of dried marshes.

Geese nervously trumpeted out their warnings, small swallows dove through the air. A ballet against the wind. Surprised by their early arrival.

Naked trees, visible strong trunks reaching out towards the sky. Their branches clapping "Spring is coming!" in the strong breeze.

Flocks of Baby "mouton blancs" rolling towards the East at a steady pace.

This was awesome, no tiresome boats or their people.


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