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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Nothing much to declare

Weather : Hot
Wind (km/h) : ESE 13, ESE 8, ESE 13, SE 13
Temp. : 27 - 31 °C
Distance : 3.4 km Avg. moving : .8 k/h

Location : Parc national des îles-de-Boucherville, Québec, Canada

Double-crested cormorant, Common terns, Ringed plovers, limicoles, Ducks and an unusual amount of great herons, red-winged blackbirds and gulls

An unusual day. As soon as we departed, the sizzling began. Sun, sweat, heat. The wind was reduced to an occasional wishful breeze. The sail was limp, our limbs were limp. Sweat streaming out of pores. Hurtful deer flies. Raucous terns. Gulls galore. Water low, weeds high.

JF explains his sail to another kayaker. We are invited to where the kayakers hang out and practice rolling techniques and exchange stories. One of them had a video camera thingy so stay tuned...

Large great herons flew about as plentiful as the blackbirds. A large fish jumped out of the water in front of me showing off its white belly. Barely making it one of the small islands, we stumbled out of Libellule. The vegetation seemed sickly, as we approached the answer was an infestation of some type of white moth (maybe webworm or ermine). At the caterpillar stage, these critters munched on most of the trees and they were now attacking the shrubs.

JF played pingpong with their bodies as the fluttered in his vicinity. Wondered how such an infestation could take place with all the birds around here. Then realized it's like living in a neighbourhood for years, and never discovering a fantastic restaurant 2 blocks away.

Lotsa of dragonflies. Funny that they belong to the same group as lobsters, Arthropods. Their large heads, delicate wings and neon colors zooming across the water.


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