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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sail wins new friends

Weather : Sunny then cloudy
Wind (km/h) : NNW 15, NW 15, NW 13 gust 30, NW 13
Temp. : 22 - 26 °C

Location : Parc national des îles-de-Boucherville, Varennes, Québec, Canada

Double-crested cormorant, Common terns, Ringed plovers, limicoles, Ducks and great herons, red-winged blackbirds and gulls

2 compagnons joined the party. 2 doubles off for the day. Beautiful, just the right mix of sun and wind. Although the deer flies seemed particularly resistant in the strong breeze. Their spotted wings and virulent bite make them unwelcome. To paraphrase some ignorants bastards speaking of other people, " the only good deer fly is a dead deer fly ".

As we paddled against the wind but with the current we soon reached the crossing to the Varennes Islands. Usually a busy highway, it was almost quiet not tranquil but less busy highway. We landed on the side of a small island aproceededded to explore the coast. Swallows had made their nests on the side of tiny cliffs. The ground was a type of gray clay that stuck to feet or sandals with antagonizing abilities. The clay would accumulate into a sort of heavy clog. This clay sediment apparently smelled like metal. Realizing that they dredge the river it was supposed that this is the remnants or result of this.

As soon as we contoured the Island, our compagnons kayak was securely roped to ours. JF opened up the sail and we rode down back towards the îles of Boucherville. Libellule was yanoccasionallyally any time the wind fell suddenly. As usual I worried about the safety issues. The boat traffic was heavier on this side, speedboats and sea doos, shitting their noise and fumes everywhere.

The wind was definitely stronger and instead of riding along the coast of the Islands we were on the other side. The wind was blowing against the current and although no gps we were goa lotalot faster than any of otherhere escapades and to top it all off we were pulling another double kayak occupied by 2 healthy white males. Speaking of color, I will now share a hypothesis. Deer flies and such are attracted by dark colors. Deers and my skin colour are dark. I am prime steak for there nasty little bites. The sail proved itself today, no one paddled yet we made our way upriver. The top sail support snapped in two but JF unfazed placed them back together, no dead nor wounded. Although totally uncomfortable by the yanks I managed to grab some shuteye. Libellule was swaying side to side, the other kayak was zigzagging behind. Almost like water skiers.

As we approached the marina, the kayaks were separated and the sail lowered. The wind slowly died down and we casually strolled back to port.

We stopped on Grosbois and visited the American Indian summer hut. We had missed a show tell becauses there were animal skins inside the hut. Two hearths had been made. Outside wooden racks, one over a smoldering fire, the other with a mackerel and a slice of samon hung over it in the far corner of the clearing a small smoking hut. The Indians smoked their fish and meet during the summer months many moons ago. The tradition almost extinct now exists in designated archaeological sites. Fascinating!


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