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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fox, swallows and geese, oh my...

Weather : Sunny
Wind (km/h) : N 5 - ESE 5
Temp. : 10 - 13 °C

Location : Îles de Boucherville, Québec, Canada

A beautiful day, fresh in the morning a bit of dew on the blades of grass. As we pull into the parks' entrance a bushy-tailed red fox wanders through the tall savannah of broken blades. A bit further on, a Virginia deer its fur an ashen gray color, unlike the warm brown it wears during the summer.

The water levels are very high and there is barely any beach to depart from. Once on the water, with familiar partner the familiar routine begins...

Paddling is a natural as walking in these conditions, a small breeze just enough to rid us of the masses of little flies that are everywhere, when we enter the marshes. Well, where the marshes usually are, 'cuz the water is so high. Last year, the water wasn't as high, and the vegetation hadn't even started changing. Today, the water was high and the trees were beginning to show their greenness.

Great Herons flying about, swallows, greater yellowlegs, sandpipers, cowbirds... everyone singing, flying and coupling. Mother Nature in her simplicity. As the rental booth is not yet open, the way is clear. Motorboats have not yet invested the sinewy corridors.

The water is chilly. The River seems swollen as she covers the trunks of some trees and veils completly most of the little islands in this area. Although the Port was full of industry, the sounds were covered by the birds and the sun.


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