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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chasing wind

Weather : Sunny
Wind (km/h) : 9 S, 13 S, 22 SO
Temp. : 20 - 27 °C

Location : Îles de Boucherville, Québec, Canada

Beautiful day. The boat people return. Spent the day chasing after the wind. Moderate paddling with the wind in our faces then U-turn and sailing with the wind.

Fascinating catch. Saw a great heron slowly crouch towards the water, reminded me of a cat about to pounce. Sure enuf, he spears a fish and in 2 shakes of the head swallows it whole. The neck feathers ruffling as it swallowed.

Adventuring through the teenage marshes (yup, the new growths are already a foot), I was frequently startled by large sploutches. On several occasions I even felt the fish knock on the side of the kayak. Much to the amusement of my partner.

We arrived triumphantly into the channel with a nice breeze in the sail. Learning how to read the water and follow the wind. In effect, I could see where the wind was and guided the kayak towards the corridors with much success.

Planning a group trip soon. Cuz the algae is already starting to bloom. JF ran into someone from his childhood. I was amazed by the coincidence. What are the odds of landing somewhere and walking through a wooded area to come face to face with someone from eons ago.

Much fun as the mix between paddling and sailing was even.

The boats have returned and with them the noise, fumes and waves. When I become ruleress of the world they will not be permitted ;o)


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