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Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's raining rain...

Weather : Cloudy, light rain
Wind (km/h) : SW 13, WSW 26 gust 41, W 21
Temp. : 11 - 12 °C

Location : Îles de Boucherville, Québec, Canada

The kayak - canoe rental begins this weekend. Unfortunately for them the day was not particularly enticing. However, being the opportunist, what's a little rain when you're in a kayak. So we set out, the water levels have lowered slightly but there is still not a lot of beach to take off from.

Curious by-standers inquistioned the Parks Canada guy. His collegue just stared as JF set up his sail. Yup, today was gonna be the first outing at least for me. As we set out, a light rain came down. Saw a couple of other solo kayaks. The landscape was alot greener than the last time, the new marsh slowly starting.

Hypnotized by the rain falling on the water, I looked out and saw a marsh mink holding what looked like a dead fish in its mouth as it swam. When it noticed us he swerved and flew through the water. Tiny dark and shiny head with bright orange/red flesh floating in front of its face.

Yup, the sterns are coming back. The swallows definitely outnumber the terns. Small and swift fliers.

Little damselflies...


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